CloudMe Offers 3GB Free Cloud Storage

CloudMe is a cloud storage service that comes with 3GB of free cloud storage. CloudMe cloud storage servers are located in Sweden, Europe. They offer client software for a number of platforms like Windows, Unix, Mac, Android, iOS, Smart TV and more. The storage space capacity can  be further expanded from anywhere between 10GB to 5TB. For the personal users, they have cheaper plans that cost only one Euro per month. While for the business users they offers plans ranging from 150 Euro to 750 Euro.

The CloudMe client for Windows and other platforms can be downloaded and installed from their website. The client software allows you to create a free account from within the client itself. After the free account creation, you are given a 3GB of free storage instantly. A folder in your PC is added to be automatically synced with the cloud storage. But you can add more folders to be automatically synced. The CloudMe client window displays the auto-syncing folders, the cloud storage space available to your account and the cloud storage space used.


You can click on Settings to access the CloudMe client settings where you can change the upload speed for syncing files, set a schedule for checking the new files on the cloud, enable the automatic updates for the CloudMe client software, choose to automatically start the CloudMe software with Windows, display a notification balloon whenever the syncing is started or completed etc. The program allows you to organize and share various types of files, photos, videos and documents on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Furthermore, you can also share files using the HTTP protocol.


CloudMe cloud  storage could become an easy replacement for the other popular cloud storage providers like Dropbox. It provides the same features but at a much more affordable prices.

You can download CloudMe client software from