NIUBI Partition Editor Free : Manage Partitions in Windows

NIUBI Partition Editor is a partition management software for hard drives mounted on your Windows computer. It is available in many editions – the free edition lacks some features but is free to be used for personal use. Using the free edition of NIUBI Partition Editor you can perform some of the basic partition related operations like create new partitions, resize the partitions, move the partitions, format partitions, change partitions file system etc. All the operations are performed in a very safe manner so that to avoid data loss of the files already existing on your hard disk drives.

The user interface of the NIUBI Partition Editor is just like any other partition manager software. Your storage devices are shown in the right hand side and if you select any of them, you are shown the partitions on that storage device. You can then perform various operations on those partitions – format them, delete them, resize or move them. In addition, the software also allows you to migrate data, delete unnecessary files, perform formatting partitions, as well as converting, hiding and defragmenting all partitions on our data carriers.

NIUBI Partition Editor

Some features that are usually not available in some of the other partition management software are also available like the data wiping feature. Using this feature, you can securely wipe the data from a hard drive or from a single partition making it impossible for someone to recover your sensitive data after you throw away or sell the storage devices.

In the free version, we get access to all program functions, but with limited hard disk support. You can use the program if we have data storage devices with a maximum capacity of 16-terabytes. You cannot create bootable media which could be helpful when partitioning newly bought hard disk drive.

You can download NIUBI Partition Editor from