fman : Nice Looking Dual Pane File Manager

fman is a dual pane file manager for Windows, Mac and Linux. The software is designed to work similar to Midnight Commander or FAR Manager, but lacks many of the features that these other file managers provide. The software is not portable and even though offers only a small installer for download, it continues to download more files during the installation. The only advantage fman has over the other similar dual pane file managers is that it looks very nice and is easy on the eyes.

The interface of fman is very simple and has only two panes. There are no toolbars or buttons or anything else to distract you from the task of working with your files. You have to depend almost entirely on the keyboard shortcuts to carry out various tasks. For example, in order to change the path of the folder, you can use the hotkey Ctrl+P which will bring up a small panel in which you have to enter the location of that folder. There are many other keyboard shortcuts supported by fman – you can find all the keyboard shortcuts supported by the program using another hotkey Ctrl+Shift+P.

fman File Manager

The software has support for the plugins which can add new features to this simple file manager. There are already many plugins available for download from the fman’s website. All the plugins are written using the Python programming language and the fman website provides very clear instructions for installing them in your computer. Some popular plugins include the ones that compresses files, view the file details, find the total number of files in a folder and so on.

Verdict: fman is a simple dual-pane file manager available for all the three popular operating systems Windows, Linux and Mac. It is not free and shows nagging screen at launch. If you want comfortable and feature rich dual pane file manager, then you will have better luck with FAR Manager.

You can download fman from