Place Beautiful Paper Christmas Tree on Windows Desktop

Young and old are counting the days to the Christmas. Everyone is singing Christmas carols, people are busy buying presents for friends and family members, cities and towns are being decorated, the celebrations are in the air, and everyone wants a Christmas tree for their home. Many people prefer the naturally grown pine trees, others are bringing home the artificial trees and yet there are people who are far away from their homes missing out on all the celebrations. But no matter where you are, you can have your very own Christmas tree on your Windows desktop.

From the Get-XMas website, you can download a portable program for “Paper Christmas Tree” that need not be installed in your PC and launch it. The next second you will have a beautiful animated Christmas tree in your desktop. The tree is automatically placed near the lower-right corner of your screen. The tree stays on top of all the other windows and keeps spreading the joyful spirit of the holidays every time you use your PC.

Paper Christmas Tree

You can view various options for the tree by right-clicking on it. Basically, you can choose the options to keep it on top of all the other windows, you can make it automatically start with Windows, and adjust the transparency of the tree. You can decorate the tree using three things – garland, stars and animation.

Paper Christmas Tree

The tree keeps changing the colors continuously between red yellow and green. The stars and the garland keeps displaying a beautiful animation. And the overall effect is very heart warming for all the people. But there is more – you are not limited to having only one Christmas tree. In fact, you can keep launching the PaperChristmasTree.exe program as many times as your computer can handle. You can have two, four, ten or more Christmas trees  – all of them animated beautifully – decorating your Windows desktop.

You can download Paper Christmas Tree from