ScriptSafe Blocks Unnecessary or Harmful Elements in Web Pages

ScriptSafe is a browser extension available for Firefox, Chrome and Opera that is designed to block some of the unnecessary or harmful elements in web pages. This extension is based on the popular NoScript extension that is no longer available for Firefox and other browsers. It can block scripts on web pages to provide you enhanced security from malicious scripting techniques used by attack sites, malware distribution sites, bitcoin mining websites and other similarly harmful sites.

The extension is available for Chrome, Opera and Firefox from their respective extension repository domains. If you have used NoScript in Firefox before then you would find it very similar in interface and behavior. In fact, it contains most of the NoScript options in addition to some new ones. It works in the latest Firefox Quantum web browser unlike NoScript.


After the installation, you can visit any website and it will block scripts on that website by default. If you want to control the scripts settings for that website then you can click on the small toolbar icon and choose one of the options displayed there – Allow, Trust, Deny, Distrust and Temporary. You do not have to think about other options beyond these in general.

The ScriptSafe extension has a plethora of settings just like the extension it is based upon. There are simply too many settings to choose from. You can control how it behaves by default, which elements in the HTML pages will be blocked, whether to display right-click menu, disable fingerprinting of your system and web browser, enhance privacy for different times using paranoia mode, anti-social mode, unwanted content mode and more. There is also a blacklist and whitelist using which you can always block or always allow certain domains.


Conclusion: ScriptSafe extension gives you control over whether you want to allow JavaScripts, frames, and plugins on web pages or block them. It will break some websites, but will keep you safe when browsing the internet.

You can download ScriptSafe extension for various web browsers from


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  1. ScriptSafe blocks again and again elements which are in my whitelist. This sucks.

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