Record Screen, Webcam and Drawing Board with ScreenToGif

ScreenToGif is a screen recorder application for Windows that is also able to record the live-feed from your web cam. You can save the recordings as video files in a number of formats or as an GIF animation file. Apart from recording your screen and the webcam feed, it also comes with a drawing board and allows you to record all of your board actions.

ScreenToGif opens up with a very simple interface containing four buttons. Using these four buttons you can launch the screen recorder, webcam recorder, board recorder and the editor. The screen recorder has a transparent window that you can resize and move over the area of the screen that you want to record. After this you can use the hotkeys F7 and F8 to start and stop the recording. Similarly, the webcam recorder can be used to record the video feed from the webcam attached to your PC.

The board recorder function opens a larger window with all sorts of drawing tool and a drawing board in the middle. There is a marker tool, eraser tool, selection tool, for making some basic drawings. The FPS rate of the captured video can be selected right from under the drawing board.


The editor is used to edit the captured videos or animations. You can edit the video, edit the video frames using the drawing tool, add watermark, add cinemagraph, add borders to the video frame, obfuscate parts of the video, add text to the video frames, add subtitle text, add keystrokes, add title frames, flip, crop or rotate the video, add transition animation between two video frames etc.

The video can be saved either as a GIF animation or you can save it as a video file. For the latter you would need FFmpeg but it can be automatically downloaded by ScreenToGif itself. You can change the path to FFmpeg binaries in the settings for the ScreenToGif.


Conclusion: ScreenToGif is an open-source solution for recording your computer screen, webcam feed or the drawing board activities. All the captures can be saved either as videos or GIF animations.

You can download ScreenToGif from