BreakTaker Reminds of Taking Breaks in Windows

The holiday season that comes towards the end of the year usually means more work for the businesses in the hospitality and retail sector. Some of them have to work late hours in front of the computer screens sorting problems, managing stocks and making sure that everything is filed properly. But working non-stop can cause severe health problems like fatigue, eye strain, repetitive stress injury etc. In order to work efficiently, you should take breaks at regular intervals. The free program BreakTaker can remind you of taking breaks so that you can avoid work-place injuries resulting work overload.

The BreakTaker program is designed to work in Windows PC. It stays in the notification area of the Windows desktop and keeps reminding you at regular intervals to take a break. Moreover, it also shows you the simple instructions to relieve of physical strain like stretching your body, walking, drinking some water or closing your eyes.


In order to change the settings for the BreakTaker, you can right-click on the notification area icon and access all the various options from there. You can pause the BreakTaker or force it to display the break notification which also resets the break timer.


In the settings, you can change the time frequency after which the break notifications are displayed. By default this frequency is set to 55 minutes and that is an ideal time for workplaces. You can customize this time duration depending on your workplace and physical fitness. You can also change whether the timer should be paused when PC is locked, whether it is started with Windows logon, etc. You can pick the theme colors for the application as well but it is merely for aesthetic reasons.


Conclusion: BreakTaker is a nice little application that can help you get through the work without feeling stressed and strained. It reminds you every hour to take a break and perform some activities to prevent common workplace injuries.

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