Wise Video Converter : Fast Video Conversion Tool for Windows

Wise Video Converter is a fast and lightweight video conversion tool for Windows. It is powered by the open-source FFmpeg project and therefore supports all the possible media file formats possible in the world. The video conversion software is available both as in form of a setup package and as a portable program.

The software is very easy to use and you can start converting your videos in a matter of seconds after downloading this software. The interface has a drag-n-drop support for adding your source video files. You can also add the video files by clicking on the small button near the lower edge of the Wise Video Converter window.

After adding the video files, you have to do two more things – set an output folder and define the conversion target parameters. The output folder should be set to a folder located on a partition with large enough capacity to carry all your video files. You can change the output folder by clicking on the small folder icon near the lower edge of the Wise Video Converter window.

Wise Video Converter

In order to change the conversion parameters for each video file in the list, you have to click on the small cogwheel icon displayed next to it. This will show you a small window from where you can change the video and audio codecs to be used for conversion. You can also set the encapsulation file format and the video resolution among other things.

Wise Video Converter

After this, all you have to do is click on the Convert button and it will spring to action right away. The video conversion will take shorter or longer time depending on the number of video files to be converted, the video conversion settings and the computer hardware.

You can download Wise Video Converter from http://www.wisevideosuite.com/wisevideoconverter.html.