How to Disable Background Sync in Opera Web Browser

Background Sync was introduced a few years earlier to the web browsers to make using web apps easier for everyone. Using the background sync feature the web browsers allow the websites to finish the sending and receiving of data even when you have closed the web pages or tabs. This ensures that the data transfer takes places in case of poor internet connectivity. But it depends on the websites whether they use this feature or not.

If a website is making too much use of your internet bandwidth even after you have closed down the tabs in which it was opened, then you can disable the background syncing temporarily in Opera in the following manner:

  1. Open Opera web browser and use the hotkey Alt+P to open the settings. Alternatively, you can also enter chrome://settings in the address bar to open the settings.
  2. In the settings, check the option Show advanced settings and then select the Websites section from the left side category of settings.Opera Background Sync
  3. Find the settings for Background Sync and select the option Do not allow recently closed sites to finish sending and receiving data.
  4. Close the settings and you can now use Opera without worrying about any website to keep continuing background activity even when you close its tab.

This should be done only for special and rare events when a website is using too much of your bandwidth in the background. You should re-enable the Background Sync in Opera when you are done using that website. This is because the well structured and smartly designed websites do not consume too much of your internet bandwidth unnecessarily. And this feature actually makes life easy for you by finishing the sending of some data in the occasion you accidentally close a tab belonging to a website that you were using earlier.