Write Without Distractions Using Free FocusWriter

Different writers need different environment setup for their creative writing work. There have been famous writers who went to a quiet cabin for a few months to finish their writing and then there have been others who needed the constant loud noise of a busy street before they could start penning down their new novel. But something that all of the writers, no matter if they are famous or they are struggling to have their work published, hate the most are the annoying distractions when they are in the middle of writing.

If you want to write without any distractions or disturbances, you can use the FocusWriter software. It is available for all the popular platforms and is an open-source software. It provides you complete freedom of all the distractions in your PC so that you can focus on your writing work. Additionally, you can also set your everyday goal to write a specific number of words so that you do not procrastinate and finish your book in timely fashion.


The window does not show anything else on the screen other than the writing pad. The menubar, toolbar and the statusbar stay hidden until you hover the mouse pointer near the top-edge to view the menubar or toolbar, and hover the mouse pointer near the bottom edge of your screen to see the statusbar. In the menubar or toolbar, you will find the usual editing tools as you would find in a word processor like Microsoft Word or OpenOffice. In the statusbar, you will find the word count and the daily progress of your goal.


The FocusWriter interface shows the writing pad on a full screen with a beautiful background image. You can change these to anything you like using the themes feature of FocusWriter. There are six different themes provided in the software and you can create your own if you want.

Verdict: FocusWriter is a free and distraction free text processor designed specially for people who write books or other lengthy documents on their PC. It provides all the necessary editing functions and supports all the popular document formats like Microsoft Word documents and Open Office writer documents.

You can download FocusWriter from https://gottcode.org/focuswriter/.