Add Custom Wallpapers to Opera Web Browser

The Opera web browser opens up displaying the start page that shows the shortcuts to many of the popular websites and web apps. It also contains shortcuts to the recently and most used websites. And it displays a beautiful wallpaper in the background. In the settings of the Opera browser, you can go and change this wallpaper image to one of the images available in the settings. You can also download more images from the Opera’s website. But you can also use a custom JPEG image from your computer. Here is how:

  1. Open Opera settings by pressing the hotkey Alt+P or you can simply click on the Opera menu and then select Settings from the menu that shows up.
  2. In the settings, select Basic section from the left side.Custom Wallpapers for Opera
  3. Scroll down the settings available on the right side to find the options for Wallpapers. If wallpapers are not enabled, then first select Enable Wallpapers checkbox. You can click on the Get More Wallpapers to visit the Opera’s website and download more wallpapers offered by Opera.
  4. In order to select any JPEG image as the start page wallpaper, you can click on the add graphic displayed and then select the JPEG image. You should select a JPEG image having the same dimensions as your computer screen for better visual effect.
  5. Now you can press the Alt+Home button to view the start page. You should be able to view the start page with the new changed wallpaper image.Custom Wallpapers for Opera

If at any later time, you want to switch back to the default wallpaper for the start page, then you simply have to open the wallpaper settings once again and pick one of the stock wallpapers provided there. In order to download the Opera provided wallpapers you can also directly visit the Opera add-ons website at