How to Take Web Page Screenshots in Opera Browser

Opera web browser comes with in-built feature to take the screenshots of the open web pages. For this you do not need any web browser extensions as you would in some of the other web browsers. Using this feature you can take the full web page screenshots or you can choose to capture only a selected region of the open web page. Furthermore, the captured screenshot can be annotated using a built-in image editor that provides some of the very basic tools like drawing arrows, scribbling something with pen, a blurring tool for hiding sensitive information, adding your images captured through your webcam and adding some of the emojis.

Here is how you can take the screenshot of any web page in Opera web browser:

  1. In the Opera web browser, press the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+5 to initiate the capturing of screenshot. If you have pinned the sidebar then you can also click on the small camera icon to do the same. The option to pin the sidebar in Opera is available on the start page.Opera Snapshot
  2. The region selection widget will appear over the web page. You can drag it anywhere and resize it to select the region that you want to capture. You can also click on the Capture full screen button to capture the full visible web page.Opera Snapshot
  3. As soon as you capture the web page, it will well be opened in a small editor where you can draw arrows, scribble using a pen tool, blur certain area of the web page, capture and add your webcam picture, and add emojis. You can then save the image or copy it to the clipboard.Opera Snapshot

Opera developers have been busy adding more and more features to the fabulous web browser. A few months ago they added Opera’s own VPN service and now we have a screenshot capture tool. Even though it is based on Chromium project, Opera can perhaps give some serious competition to Google’s own web browser.