Boot-US : Universal Boot Manager for All Operating Systems

If your computer has a large capacity hard drive, then you can install multiple operating systems on it and use them whenever you need them. For example, you can install different versions of Windows, different variants of Linux, Free DOS, BeOS and many more systems on the same computer. In fact, you can also install Mac OS on your Windows PC using some of the officially unsupported tools available on the internet. But many people fear that installing all these operating systems will break the loading of one or more operating systems. And things become even more complicated if you have more than one hard drives or solid state drives.

Now you can install as many operating systems on your hard drives as you want using the free Boot-US universal boot manager. This boot manager supports a large number of operating systems including Windows, Linux, Free DOS, BeOS, VMware and more. You can install this boot manager using the easy to use GUI from withing Windows.

Boot-US Universal Boot Manager

After installing the Boot-US GUI in your Windows PC, you can launch it and it will display all the hard drives or solid state drives or other storage devices in your computer. It will give you details about the various partitions, their capacities, whether they are bootable or not and the possible operating systems installed on them, although it is not very accurate in determining the operating systems installed.

In order to install the Boot-US universal boot manager, you can click on the small red colored down-arrow icon in the toolbar. After this you have to reboot your PC and you will find the new Boot-US boot manager screen from where you would be able to select an operating system from the list.

This boot manager will be able to boot into any of the supported operating systems without any trouble. Now, you won’t have to worry about installing this boot manager or that boot manager to make multi operating system computer work.

Conclusion: Boot-US universal boot manager can help you have a number of operating systems installed on the same computer on one or more hard drives. This boot manager works with almost all the operating systems out there and can be installed from a convenient GUI from within Windows.

You can download Boot-US Universal Boot Manager from