Acronis Ransomware Protection : Blocks Attacks & Restores Files from Cloud Backup

Acronis Ransomware Protection is a new anti-ransomware software that blocks all ransomware attacks in Windows and provides free 5GB cloud storage for storing all of your important files. In the event of a ransomware infection that could not be thwarted, it can restore all of your important files from the cloud storage.

Heuristics Based Detection

The new anti-ransomware tool is freely available for everyone. You can install it along with your regular antivirus software for added protection against the ransomware threats. Upon installation, it shows you a tutorial about how it works and what you should look out for. It does not use signature based detection for ransomware, but uses heuristics to analyze program behavior so that even the unknown or 0-day ransomware can be detected and blocked.

Acronis Ransomware Protection

Active Monitoring of Processes

Basically it monitors your system for “suspicious” processes and warns you if any of them are encountered. In the Ransomware Protection window you can see a graph of total number of processes and the number of suspicious processes running in your PC at any time. The suspicious processes are displayed in blue color, trusted processes are shown in green color and blocked processes in the red color.

Acronis Ransomware Protection

Manage Processes

You can view a complete list of suspicious processes running in your PC by clicking on Manage Processes. You can view details of all these suspicious processes and choose to trust them or block them. When you block these processes, they are prohibited from running in your computer. This is useful if you see a new suspicious process and want to instantly block it from running.

Acronis Ransomware Protection

Free 5GB Cloud Storage for Everyone

Apart from actively monitoring your system for suspicious processes, it also provides you free cloud storage of 5GB capacity. You can drag-n-drop your files/folders on the Ransomware Protection window to upload them to the cloud storage. For the cloud storage, you would need a free Acronis account and if you need more storage, then you will have to buy extra storage. When needed, you can download these files from the cloud storage account through the web interface or through the Acronis Ransomware Protection itself.

Conclusion: Acronis Ransomware Protection is a complete and free anti-ransomware tool for Windows users. It can block ransomware threats, provides free cloud storage and allows you to restore your files from the cloud backup. You can use it along with any other antivirus software without affecting system performance.

You can download Acronis Ransomware Protection from