Camera Mouse : Control Mouse Pointer with Your Head

There are so many applications now that help you control the mouse pointer in your PC with your head, but not many of them are as accurate or as feature-rich as the Camera Mouse software. The Camera Mouse software is a very small application (less than 7 MB) and allows you to move the mouse pointer by monitoring a point in your head through your computer’s web cam.

Camera Mouse is specially useful for people who have difficulty using the regular mouse, touchscreen or touchpad efficiently due to some physical problem. It is available for Windows PC only and after installation shows you a small informational window about how your computer and webcam both should be sitting on a stable and even surface.

Camera Mouse

As soon as the Camera Mouse window is displayed, your webcam is turned on. You have manually click on a single point on your head that you want to be monitored. A small green rectangle appears to show you which part is being tracked. In order to start controlling your mouse pointer with your head, now you can press the Ctrl key or the F9 key. Later you can stop the control of mouse pointer by Camera Mouse using the same Ctrl or F9 keys or just by using your regular mouse/touchpad.

Camera Mouse

If you want the mouse button clicking also to be done by Camera Mouse, then you can enable clicking from the settings. This way when you rest the mouse cursor in small area for a few seconds (1 second is default), then a left-click is registered. You can also enable right-click and double-click. This will show double-click and right-click buttons in the Camera Mouse window. You will have to first click on these buttons and then click somewhere else for these special clicks to be registered.

Camera Mouse

Verdict: Camera Mouse is a free, easy, and feature-loaded software for controlling the mouse pointer using webcam in Windows. You can move your head and your head movement will control the mouse pointer.

You can download Camera Mouse from