Find and Delete Identical Files with Fast Duplicate Finder

Fast Duplicate Finder is a free application for Windows that can quickly compare the contents of the files on your PC and show you a list of all the identical files. Since it compares by matching the file contents, it can detect the identical files even if they are located in different drives, they have different names or have different file types. Unlike some other similar programs, it can even find the files that are not completely identical but are similar to a great degree.

You have to begin by dragging-n-dropping a folder in the folders list that are to be scanned for duplicate files. In the scan method, you can choose to find exactly identical files (100% match), similar files (matching a custom percentage of the file content), files with same names, or files with same file size. You can also choose to compare files with the same extension or compare files while ignoring their extensions. After this all you have to do is click on the Start Scan button.

Fast Duplicate Finder

If it encounters identical files then it will start populating the list with them. The similarity match will be displayed as a percentage in the list against each file group. It displays file size, folder where file is located and file dates for each of the file in every identical files group. You can preview each of the files in the small preview control. So if you found video or audio files, you can preview them before deciding for an action.

It automatically selects all files but one from each of the group so that you can delete them. But you can also choose to move the selected files to the recycle bin, move them to a folder of your choice, copy them to a specific folder or delete them directly.

Conclusion: Fast Duplicate Finder is free, easy-to-use and advanced identical files faster. It is perhaps the only tool that can find 100% identical files along with almost similar files.

You can download Fast Duplicate Finder from