How to Quickly Create TrueCrypt or VeraCrypt Containers with TruPax

If you want to protect your sensitive data against the frequent snooping of other people, then the best possible approach is to encrypt all of your sensitive files using a strong cipher. There are so many encryption programs available for Windows users – file encryption programs like AESCrypt or AxCrypt and the virtual secure storage based tools like VeraCrypt and TrueCrypt.

But the virtual encrypted storage tools like TrueCrypt could be very complicated and overwhelming especially for the novice users because of so many options and features provided by these programs. If you want to quickly create the VeraCrypt or TrueCrypt compatible virtual storage containers, then you can use the free tool TruPax.


TruPax is a Java based open-source tool that has only one purpose  – to make it extremely easy for everyone to create the secure encrypted containers that can be mounted in VeraCrypt or TrueCrypt. It opens up a small window to create the new container. You can add your files and folders inside the container. You can specify any free space available for the container. You can decide whether the container is going to be write protected or whether you want to wipe the files afterwards.


There is an option “For VeraCrypt” that should be selected if you are creating the containers to be used with VeraCrypt. If you want the containers for TrueCrypt, then just unselect this option before clicking on the Make Volume button. You will have to enter the password for encryption and in a few seconds, you will have the container file ready for use.

TruPax does not require you to have TrueCrypt or VeraCrypt installed in your PC for it to work. It can create the encrypted storage containers independently. It is ideal for the beginners who find the VeraCrypt or TrueCrypt interfaces a little bit confusing.

You can download TruPax from

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