Make Your Own Meme with Meme Creator

A meme is a viral picture, video or text that spreads from one person to another person over the social networking media. Most popular format of the meme is a funny picture with a witty or satirical caption written in large text over it. These memes are shared very often on Twitter and Facebook. Some of them are shared so frequently that they become an eye sore pretty quick.

If you want to share a meme of your own then you have to create it by yourself. And you do not need some complicated graphics editing software for it either. You can create the meme using an online web app called “Meme Creator”. This web app has a large repository of ready to use meme images, but you can upload your own as well. In both cases, you can add the captions near the top and the bottom edges of the picture to create the meme.

Meme Creator

In the web app, you have to select the Create option from the menu given at the top in order to start the meme creation. You can browse through a gallery of hundreds of images that are commonly used for creating the memes. But you can upload your own images if you cannot find the ones you really want to work with.

Once an image has been selected, you are taken to the interface where you can simply type in the text for the top caption and the bottom caption. You can change the text color and the text outline color using the controls given on the page. If you do not want to share your meme with the rest of the world, then you can select the Private checkbox. Clicking on the Generate Meme will produce the image with your meme.

Meme Creator

Conclusion: Meme Creator is a very fast and easy way to make your own memes that you can share with your friends and followers over the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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