eScan Rescue Disk : Clean Malware from Windows PC

Malware infection is perhaps the biggest headache you can come across (except the rare incidents of hardware failure) in your Windows PC. When you become aware of such infection very quickly, you can take steps to remove it from your PC using a number of tools from within Windows itself. But when malware infection has proceeded to a larger number of files and the system has reached an almost unbootable state , then you have to use a bootable rescue disk to remove the malware infection and make Windows PC work again.

eScan Rescue Disk is one of such bootable disks that can be used to scan and remove the malware infection from your Windows PC. It is also able to fix some of the registry problems that could be caused by malware infections. You have to begin by downloading the escanrd.iso file to your PC (link near the end of this article).

Once the ISO file has been downloaded, you have to burn it to a blank CD using a program like ImgBurn. If your PC does not have a CD/DVD drive, then you will have to create a bootable USB flash drive using a program like Rufus. Obviously all these steps have to be performed on a working computer.

eScan Rescue Disk

Now you can use this bootable eScan Rescue Disk on the infected computer to boot the PC. For this, you have to press F12 at the boot time (immediately after powering on the computer) and select the proper boot drive. Your system boots into Windows RE and the eScan Antivirus Toolkit is launched automatically.

eScan Rescue Disk

You have to click on the Scan & Clean button to start the scanning of your computer and cleaning all the malware detected on your PC. It goes through all the areas of your computer like the startup objects, Windows registry, system files and more. When it detects a malware, it removes it automatically and reports it in the statistics.

eScan Rescue Disk

When the scanning is over, you can click on the Exit button so that your PC can reboot. This time your PC should be able to boot into the normal mode. Now you should install a good antivirus in your PC so that any future infections can be avoided.

You can download eScan Rescue Disk from