Four Ways to Find Motherboard Model/ID in Windows

So you want to download the latest drivers for your Windows PC? The first thing you would want to know is the motherboard model or ID number because you have to search the motherboard manufacturer’s website using this model or ID number. For example, if you have Gigabyte motherboard, then you have to visit their website and search for your motherboard’s model number to find all the latest downloads for it – device drivers, BIOS, utilities, manuals and more.

One way to find the motherboard model number is by looking at the motherboard itself, but for it you will have to open up the computer and take a look at the motherboard. This is not convenient and could result in serious problems if you damage something inside your PC. So here are four easy ways to find the motherboard model number:

  1. System Information for Windows (SIW) : This software can display almost all the possible information about your Windows PC. You can download and install a trial version in your computer. After this you can launch SIW and select Motherboard category from the left side. You will find complete information about motherboard manufacturer, model, version and the serial number. Download SIW from Motherboad Model
  2. Speccy : It is a tool very similar to SIW but is available for free. The Speccy tool does not give you as much information as SIW, but it does show you the motherboard manufacturer and the model number. Just like with SIW, you have to select Motherboard category from the left side to see all the details. Download Speccy from Motherboad Model
  3. CPU-Z : This tool also shows you information about your system, but limits the information only to the CPU, memory, GPU and motherboard. Under the Mainboard section of CPU-Z, you can find information about your computer’s motherboard. Like Speccy, it does not display serial number. Download CPU-Z from Motherboad Model
  4. Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line : Windows itself can tell you about the motherboard model and serial number. For this, you have to open a command prompt window and give the command wmic baseboard get product, manufacturer, serialnumber, version, partnumber.Finding Motherboad Model

So these are some of the easy to use methods of finding out about your computer’s motherboard model/ID, serial number, version and part number. There is no reason now to open your computer and look at the motherboard to find out this information.