How to Auto-Convert Currencies in Opera Browser

Opera developers are certainly working non-stop and adding tons of new features to the popular web browser. Some of these features are not even found in the giants like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. One of the features that is available in the Opera web browser allows you to quickly convert prices given in any currencies on any web page to your own preferred currency.

This feature is useful if you are shopping from an international shopping site that displays product prices in a different currency than your local currency. If you want want to know what the prices in your local currency then you can quickly convert it just by selecting it. It can save you from all the trouble of manually copy-pasting or entering the said price on an money exchange website.

In order for this feature to be set properly, you have to first open Opera settings (you can do this by clicking on the Opera menu and selecting Settings from there or by just using the hotkey Alt+P) and look for “currency” in the search box.

Opera Currency Conversion

You will find the the settings for currency conversion and it should be enabled by default. If not enabled, then place a checkmark in the checkbox labeled On text selection convert currency to and then proceed to select a target currency that you would want all other currencies to be converted into. For example, if you want them all to be converted into Canadian Dollar then select CAD and so on.

After this you can visit any website that displays product prices in foreign currencies, select the text containing the price and it shall be converted automatically into your specified currency. This will be displayed using a small popup over the selected text.

Opera Currency Conversion

According to Opera documentation, all the currency conversion is done using the European Central Bank currency rates using EURO as their base currency. In addition, it may also use National Bank of Ukraine for currency conversion.