JSPaint Brings Back Classic Microsoft Paint in Your Web Browser

When Windows 95 was released decades ago, it came with some programs that became popular over time like the Calculator, Paint, and some card games. But Microsoft wants to do away with all of them. The card games have already been removed from Windows starting with Windows 8. And now they have decided to drop the popular Microsoft Paint in the next update release of Windows 10.

We have suggested five alternatives to Microsoft Paint previously. But if you cannot live without the classic MS Paint, then you can now use the JSPaint – an open-source JavaScript based web app that brings back the classic Microsoft Paint to your web browser.

Thanks to the graphics capabilities offered by HTML 5 in the modern web browsers, JSPaint can give you a complete classic Microsoft Paint experience without leaving out anything. It has everything – the familiar tools, the hotkeys, the palette, and the ability to work with many different types of image files.


In fact, JSPaint adds some new features to the classic MS Paint like uploading the image to Imgur (an image sharing website), loading a picture from a URL and managing the storage. These new features make it very convenient to work with different files over the internet. You can basically load a picture from internet, work on it and then upload it to Imgur to share it with others.


JSPaint might look like a clone of the Windows 9x or Windows XP style Paint, but it has so many extras, additions and improvements that you will know about them only if you start using JSPaint on a regular basis. For example, it has unlimited number of undo-redo (as opposed to only 50 in Windows 7), it has themes support (you can make it look like classic Windows 98 Paint or a much more modern Paint), you can view an animation (GIF) showing the history of image editing which is very interesting as it shows the various steps you took to edit or create an image and many more.

JSPaint could be really useful and productive for the people who are now accustomed to firing up MS Paint for smallest of image editing jobs. And if nothing else, it will bring back the memories of the days when you first used the computer in your school and spent an hour drawing a really good picture in MS Paint.

You can try out JSPaint in any modern web browser by visiting http://jspaint.ml/.