How to Make Netflix Use Lower Internet Bandwidth

Netflix is one of the pioneers in online move streaming services. When you subscribe for Netflix, you start exploring different shows, documentaries and movies it has to offer. This often leads to you watching a lot more movies than you really wanted to. No matter what you are doing – cleaning your room, waiting for a friend or driving your car – you just launch the Netflix app in your mobile phone and start watching latest TV shows.

This could make you use your 4G mobile data more than your monthly subscription offers and you can end up paying a lot more in the end. So what you can do is change the settings in the Netflix app and make it use lesser internet bandwidth. Here is how:

  1. Open Netflix app in your smartphone and login to your Netflix account.Netflix Data Usage
  2. Tap on the menu in the Netflix app and select App Settings from the menu.
  3. From under the Video Playback category select Cellular Data Usage.
  4. By default, it is set to automatically decide the data usage and the video quality. But you can change it to show video of low quality (very little data used), medium quality (some data used), high quality (a high amount of data used) or unlimited (highest possible quality but uses largest amount of data). You can also turn the data off completely and watch the Netflix videos over WiFi only.Netflix Data Usage

Netflix binge watchers can also benefit from these options and make the most of their monthly data plans by setting the video quality setting to low or medium. It will definitely look very bad if you are watching on a large screen like your computer or TV, but on smaller screen devices like your mobile phone, watching videos in low quality or medium quality won’t make much of a difference.