Need for Madness Game : Need for Speed Meets Madness

Everybody knows about the Need for Speed video game series. We all grew up playing the NFS games in our computers or gaming consoles. There is no comparison to Need for Speed when it comes to racing games, but now a new free game has come up with a little twist on the Need for Speed. This game is called Need for Madness and is brings all the possible madness to the Need for Speed style racing games.

Need for Madness is basically a racing game and has been designed using Oracle Java and therefore is able to run on all the platforms supported by Java like Windows, Linux and Mac. The game uses the four arrow keys for moving your cars on the race track and the spacebar is used for handbrake.

Need for Madness

The madness part of the game comes with the option of wasting other opponents’ cars. You can run you car into those of others to smash them and render them useless. You can use the combination of keys on your keyboard to perform stunts and gain power. There is also a big circle hovering over the race tracks, you can drive your car into that circle to fix and repair your car instantly.

There are two races available NFM1 and NFM2. Both have the same style of racing but different style of tracks and opponents. The NFM2 is a little bit harder to complete. The multiplayer mode is also available in Need for Madness, but is very hard to play. The multiplayer mode requires you to register an account and get a nickname using which you can compete with others over the internet.

Need for Madness

Need for Madness is a very small racing game, but you can easily have hours and hours of fun while playing it in the online multiplayer mode. It also comes with a car designer and stage designer if you want to create your own car models or race track stages.

You can download Need for Madness from