Type Light : Free Editor and Designer for Fonts

If you want a font, then probably you will search for it online and chances are that you will find it too. But for the professional graphics designers the fonts available online are not enough. They want their own fonts, designed in a specific way for their own needs. Usually for designing fonts or editing them, you would need a very expensive commercial software suite from Adobe or an open-source software like FontForge that is a little bit complicated to use. But you do not have to pay exorbitant license fees for these software in order to be able to create and edit the fonts in Windows.

The free software Type Light offers an easy and convenient way to create new fonts or to edit the existing fonts. It supports true type fonts, open type fonts as well as postscript fonts. Since it allows to load and save true type and open type fonts, you can also use it as a converter to convert the fonts from one file type to another. For example, you can open a true type font file and save it as an open type font file.

Type Light

You can create a new font from scratch or open an existing font and edit various characters it offers. The font editor has the basic layout with the character being edited shown in the middle, a set of drawing tools on the left side and the list of characters in the font file on the right side. You can also rename a font file, add copyright information,  add font family description to personalize that font for yourself.

The Type Light font editing software is a very small and lightweight software but has everything that you would need when creating or editing font files. It is ideal for making small changes in font files as and when you need them.

You can download Type Light from http://www.cr8software.net/typelight.html.