Netflix Party : Enjoy Synchronized Movie Watching On Netflix

Netflix has changed the way we watch movies and TV shows. Now we can enjoy all those blockbusters from the comfort of our cozy beds. If you are living in a college hostel or dorm, then you can enjoy these Netflix shows and movies together with your friends in the same room. But if you live in different places and still want to watch the same movie at the same time over Netflix, then you can use the Netflix Party extension for the Chrome web browser.

This extension accomplishes two tasks at the same time – first it synchronizes the movie with all your friends who are watching it, and second thing that it does is that it allows you to chat with your friends using a side chat bar built right inside the Netflix browser window.

After installing this extension, you can open the Netflix website, login to your Netflix account and select a movie that you want to watch. As soon as the TV show or movie starts streaming in your Chrome web browser, you will see the Netflix Party icon become activated. Now you can click on this icon and then click on Start the Party button.

Netflix Party

This will give you a link that you can share with all of your friends who want to join in. They all should have a Netflix account of their own and should be logged into their accounts in the Chrome web browser (with Netflix Party extension installed) before they can join in.

Netflix Party

After this all the people who have joined in will watch the movie synchronized. If anyone pauses the movie, it gets paused for everyone, if someone skips to a particular time in the movie, all the people will be taken to that time in the movie and so on.

Another beautiful thing is that you will all be able to chat using a chat sidebar to the right side of the movie screen. This is great if you watch something interesting in the movie and want to comment about it. But this chat sidebar also reduces the movie screen area and there seems to be, unfortunately, no way to hide the chat sidebar.

Netflix Party

Conclusion: All in all, the Netflix Party, is a fun extension for all the Netflix subscribers who want to enjoy watching the movie with their friends at the same time while located in different places, cities or even different countries.

You can get the Netflix Party extension for Chrome from