RAM Cleanup App Frees Memory in Android Smartphones

If you have an Android smartphone with system RAM of 1GB or less, then it is not going to perform really well. You can see the impact of the small RAM when launching apps as they take many seconds to show up. Even when you install new apps, they download faster but take too much time in getting installed. This is because these Android devices do not have enough free RAM available for launching more and more apps.

You can make your Android smartphones perform a little better by freeing up the RAM and making it available for other apps that you are going to launch. This can be done using a free app called RAM Cleanup developed by J Kosa. This app has a minimalist user interface and does frees up the RAM while showing cleaning stick man animation.

When you launch RAM Cleanup, it immediately starts to cleanup the RAM in your phone. After a few seconds, you are shown message that RAM was cleaned up along with the amount of RAM that was cleaned or freed up. you can tap on RAM Cleanup box to clean the RAM anytime you want.

RAM Cleanup

In the settings for the RAM Cleanup, you can choose a number of options like hyper cleanup, quick start, automatic cleanup, disable animation, change the color of app and more. Unlike some other apps, RAM Cleanup has option to activate the ad-free mode which displays you a video ad after which the ads are disabled for next 8 hours.

The hyper cleaning mode is an advanced feature offered by this app. In this hyper cleaning mode, the app keeps allocating more and more memory until the device reaches a low memory state. By doing this it makes Android release memory from other apps and services. In the end, the app releases all of its allocated memory making it available for others.

RAM Cleanup

Conclusion: RAM Cleanup is a clever little app that can make your low memory Android smartphones perform a little better. It comes with a special “hyper cleaning” feature that can force Android to release memory from other app and services.

You can get the RAM Cleanup app for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kosajun.easymemorycleaner.