ScanTransfer : Easy Files Transfer from Smartphone to PC

When you have made a great video using your iPhone or have snapped a great picture using your Android smartphone, you would want to edit it and share it other people. The first step usually people take is to edit the media on their PC or Mac but for that you would need the good old USB data cable or perhaps you would have to install an app in your phone. But you don’t need any of these if you are using a small and simple Windows program called ScanTransfer.

ScanTransfer is a portable program (installer version also available) that you have to run in your Windows PC. The program’s window displays a QR code specific to your PC, and a folder where the files from smartphone will be placed. This folder is located in Windows Desktop which is very convenient, but you can change this folder if you want to. There is also a setting for compressing the JPEG images while they are being transferred from your smartphone over to your PC. Compression can reduce the file size for JPEG images but not really needed.


Now all you have to do is scan this QR code using any QR scanner app in your smartphone. Typically, you should be able to scan the QR code using the camera app in your phone. But if you have no such QR code scanner, then we suggest that you install the ZXing Barcode Scanner in Android smartphone and QuickMark QR Reader for iPhone. The QR scanner will display a link that you can tap on and open in your web browser.


In the smartphone’s web browser will be shown a button tapping on which you can select the files from your smartphones and transfer them to your PC. You can select as many files as you want in one go and you would be able to keep selecting files one after another as long as you want.

These files will be transferred over the WiFi network to which both your PC and the smartphone should be connected. In fact, the ScanTransfer window informs you that without your devices being connected to the same WiFi network, the program just won’t work.


Verdict: ScanTransfer is perhaps the easiest way of transferring files from your smartphone to your Windows PC. It works on both iPhone and Android smartphones, and you don’t even have to install any app on your phone.

You can download ScanTransfer from

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  1. when i upload my video (621.5mb) using scantransfer, it says that my file have not been transfered?

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