Tron : Powerful System Cleaning Batch Script for Windows

Remember Tron? Yes, Tron is the title of a movie that first came out in 1982 and later a much awaited sequel was released in 2010. In this movie, the protagonist goes inside a computer machine and fights with the system bugs that have taken over the control. And now a batch script of the same name is available for all Windows users that can also fight against the system problems and clean up the junk as well as the malware.

Tron is a really powerful script for Windows and is available in a large ~600 MB download file. The downloaded file is a 7-Zip self-extracting archive that extracts the files to your hard drive. After this, you can launch the tron.bat script inside an elevated command prompt and it will ask you to type I AGREE in a red background command line interface.


On the next screen, you can see a brief summary of all the things that Tron is going to do to your system in a number of steps. Steps range from step number 0 to number 8. In the first step labeled Prep, it runs a number of third-party tools to kill malicious processes and perform a backup of your system registry. Tools used include MacAfee Stinger and Kaspersky TDSSKiller.

In Step 1, it removes all the junk files and cleans up your system using tools like CCleaner and BleachBit. In Step 2 it removes unnecessary bloatware and is useful for newer systems that come with a number of bloatware. Step 3 includes malware removal using powerful tools like KVRT (Kaspersky virus removal tool), MBAM (Malwarebytes anti-malware) and Sophos antivirus.

Step 4 is all about repairing your files that could have been damaged by malware using tools like SFC, chkdsk, PageFileReset and MSICleanup. Step 5 patches some of the most needed software (like Oracle JRE, Adobe Flash Player) and installs some of the critical Windows Updates.


After this, our hard disk drives are optimized in step 6 by running a defragmentation tool on them (it skips the solid state drives though). The only things that remain in step 7 is to collect all the logs and send the report to your email address. Finally in the step 8 you can add some other custom functions that can be run in the end.

The complete command line arguments to the tron.bat batch script can be seen from Tron’s github page at But you cannot download the full package from github because it does not contain all the useful third-party tools like McAfee Stinger and KVRT.

You can download full Tron script package from