uGet : Open-Source Cross-Platform Portable Download Manager

Download managers used to be very popular back when the internet was very slow and people did not want to keep downloading the same file over and over again due to bad connection or broken downloads. A download manager both saved the bandwidth by downloading the files in just one go even when the connection was dropped and sped up the download speed by downloading the same file over multiple threads.

These days the internet connections have become blazing fast and you do not really need download managers unless you are downloading huge files, you are trying to automate the downloads or you want to download a huge file divided in many parts to reduce the download time. The open-source download manager uGet can do it all for you. uGet works in all the major Linux distributions, Windows, Android and also Mac OS. It comes as a portable program and can be run without having to install anything in your computer.

This download manager has a beautiful GUI and has all the features that you would find in other commercial download managers. It can resume downloads from the servers that support resuming, can perform batch downloads, can download sequentially from a download queue, can download file in multi-parts, and supports a number of protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, BitTorrent and Metalink.

uGet Download Manager

The uGet software package comes with Aria2 bundled. Aria2 is a command line tool for downloading files over a number of different protocols. uGet depends on Aria2 for downloading files through all the various protocols including BitTorrent and Metalink. In fact, uGet is just a front-end GUI for the Aria2. And since Aria2 is a cross-platform program, it also makes uGet a cross-platform download manager.

Conclusion: uGet is a very nice looking and feature rich download manager for Windows, Mac and Linux. It also has an app for Android. It can easily replace your commercial download manager as it has all the same features.

You can download uGet download manager from