Use Android Oreo Launcher in Older Android Phones

It has been a while since Google released Android Oreo for their Google Pixel smartphones. Other manufacturers have also released Android Oreo updates for their smartphones. But unfortunately, as it always happens, many many of the older smartphones will never get any updates and you will be forever stuck with Android Nougat or even earlier versions of Android. If you want to use the new Android Oreo Launcher in your Android device, then all you have to is install the OO Launcher for Android Oreo.

This launcher app instantly brings the new Android Oreo style launcher in your old Android smartphones. It works even with very old Android KitKat mobile phones. The launcher looks exactly like the Android Oreo stock launcher. If you swipe up the screen, it  displays the drawer that functions very similar to the one found in the stock Android. You can search the apps using the top search bar, you can find the apps listed alphabetically and pin them on the launcher screen.

OO Launcher for Android Oreo

If you swipe to the right,  it shows a sidebar that shows the tools like torch (flash light), camera, calculator, alarm, and eye protection tool. The eye protection tool turns the screen color a little pale to make the screen much more comfortable for the reading and other activities. It also shows the status of the memory, the battery, and the storage space on the smartphone.

In the settings, you can choose options for basically all parts of launcher – desktop, drawer, dock, sidebar, folder etc. You can choose the theme colors, download new icon packs, and wallpapers. You can actually change the way the launcher looks and works to your own custom requirements.

OO Launcher for Android Oreo

Conclusion: Android Oreo launcher can now be installed in your older Android phones using the OO Launcher for Android Oreo. This launcher has all the bells and whistles and comes with a large number of options and themes.

You can get the OO Launcher for Android Oreo from