Wii U USB Helper : Backup Wii U and 3DS Data Quickly

If you enjoy playing games on Wii U then you might find it a very annoying thing to do when you have to change the game disks again and again for playing different games. But if you have Wii U USB Helper, then you can manage the games and data in much more efficiently on your Wii U game console. The same software also supports Nintendo 3DS and can be used to create the backups on 3DS as well.

The software can be used in two modes. The first way is to create a backup on memory card or USB storage device like an external USB hard drive. And the second way is to store the backups and access them right from your Windows PC. The second method requires some install some custom mods in the console and is not recommended for average users.

Wii U USB Helper

The way it works is by connecting with your game consoles with the Wii USB Helper through your Windows PC and then choosing a target destination on which you would like to store the backups. If you choose to store the backups on your PC and also mod the console then Wii U USB Helper gives you options to access all the stored games and their data directly from the PC. This method is in a way complicated, but in the long run makes it much more convenient for you to backup your games, as well as access them from your PC.

The Wii U USB Helper also comes with in-built CEMU based emulator for Wii and so allows you to play your games on your PC too. This could be useful if something happens in your Wii U and it stops workings. In that event, you can still enjoy playing games on your PC until the time Wii U comes back from the repair shop.

You can download Wii U USB Helper from https://www.wiiuusbhelper.com/.