Wifinian : Manage WiFi Connections in Windows

Only a few years ago, everyone had those wired internet connections that require the use of the Ethernet port in your PC. Now the times have completely changed and most of the people use the internet through the WiFi networks. WiFi networks make it much more convenient to use the internet across a number of devices without limiting you to a physical location. You can start your WiFi router inside your room and enjoy using the internet sitting in the comfort of your apartment’s balcony.

But with so many WiFi networks around you, it becomes necessary for you to manage them efficiently. You should be able to make these connections auto-connect or auto-switch without any hassle. For managing these WiFi connections in your Windows PC, you can use the free and open-source program called Wifinian.


As soon as you launch Wifinian, it places an icon in the system tray (notification area) of your Windows desktop. You can click on this icon to see all the available WiFi networks around you that allow your PC to be connected. You can order these WiFi networks, rename them, or change their properties. You can make the connections auto-switch or auto-connect.

You can also right-click on this notification area icon to choose whether you want to automatically launch Wifinian at every Windows logon. This is done by choosing the option Start on sign in from the right-click menu. There are no other configurable options for the Wifinian.


The Wifinian can help you connect to the best possible WiFi network using two functions Rush and Engage. The Rush function keeps scanning the signal strength of various WiFi networks and their status periodically after every 30 seconds. You can change this time period to any time duration you want. The Engage function can connect you to the WiFi networks that have the best signal strength, so that no matter where you are walking around, it will always pick out the best working WiFi network for you.

You can download Wifinian from https://github.com/emoacht/Wifinian.