Add “Close Tabs to the Left” Option in Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is one of the most liked, most downloaded and most used web browsers in the world. Unlike the proprietary software from Microsoft that is forcefully installed in Windows, Firefox is installed by user choice because of the security and productivity features it provides. One of the features that adds to the productivity and the ease of use in the Firefox browser is the option to “close tabs to the right” of the currently active tab. This is very useful when you have opened dozens of tabs while searching for something and don’t want to spend time closing all of these opened tabs one by one.

But the option to close tabs to the left of the currently active tabs does not exist in Firefox. Perhaps the developers thought giving two options is a waste of resources and their time. And to be honest, if you want to close tabs to the left then all you have to do is drag the current tab to the left of all the tabs that you want to close and then choose the “close tabs to the right”. It works very well even though requires an extra step.

Close Tabs to the Left in Firefox

However for those of you who don’t want to be bothered by extra steps, someone has already created a Firefox extension that can add the new options to “close tabs to the left” of the currently active tab. This extension “Close Tabs to the Left” does nothing else and even has no settings or preferences to be set. It simply adds the new right-click menu for the tabs in Firefox so that when you right-click on a tab in Firefox, the new menu will be displayed and you would be able to get rid of all the tabs to the left.

You can download the Close Tabs to the Left extension from

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