Screenshot Captor : Free Screen Capture Tool for Windows

Screenshot Captor is a free screen capture utility for Windows computers. It comes with an easy-to-use interface while providing all the main features that a commercial screen capture software provides including a basic set of image editing tools. It works even on old computers running Windows XP and can also work on your newest PC with Windows 10 installed. It supports multi-monitor configuration and is able to capture from all the monitors attached to your PC. Though Screenshot Captor does come with a set of basic editing tools of its own, you can configure it to work with your favorite image editors, watermarking tools, batch image-resizing tools and so on.

The software can be installed in Windows or you can download the portable edition and use it without installing. In either case, it places a floating toolbar on your screen and an icon in the notification area of your screen. You can use both of these to access the screen capture functions.

Screenshot Captor

The floating toolbar sticks to any of the edges of your screen from where you can choose functions like capture the entire screen, grab the active window, grab the selected region, grab a fixed region, repeat the last capture, capture objects inside a window (like buttons or list-boxes), capture images from your scanner or from your webcam etc. Of course, you can also use the hotkeys to initiate the screen capture (the hotkeys can be configured from the settings).

Screenshot Captor

After you have captured a screenshot, it can be opened in a built-in image editor that can be used to annotate or edit the image. You can use this image editor to add rectangle/circles, lines, arrows, text, captions or frames and to rotate the image,  to adjust the colors, to change the contrast or brightness etc. You can also save the captured image as a PDF document in your PC. There are many special effects available through this editor – for example, you can blur, dim, pixelate or grey-out a selected region, add shadows, borders, watermarks and more.


Screenshot Captor has all the screen capture modes that you will find in other screen capture tools like MWSnap or HyperSnap but it lacks special capture features like the text capture feature of Snagit that can extract text from the screenshot using the OCR technology.

While the user interface in Screenshot Captor makes it very easy for you to access all the capture tools either from the floating toolbar or the notification area icon, it can become very confusing for people who are familiar with HyperSnap which allows you to capture and edit the screenshots from a single window.

Even though Screenshot Captor does include a basic image editor that can be used for basic annotation, resizing or editing, the results are nowhere near as impressive as when you use a commercial software like TechSmith Snagit.

Screenshot Captor is good for personal use (like posting screenshots on forums or sharing them online), but if you are capturing screen for professional work (creating guides, presentations, manuals or tutorials) then you better look elsewhere.

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