AMD Ryzen Master : Overclock AMD Ryzen Processors

AMD Ryzen processors are one of the most powerful processors available in the market today. Released in 2017, they have become the first choice of PC gamers who want to build their gaming rig themselves. The cool part is that all of these Ryzen CPUs can be overclocked to boost their performances.

If you have a desktop PC being powered by one of the AMD Ryzen processors, then you can overclock it using the official overclocking utility from AMD called AMD Ryzen Master. With the help of this utility, you can change the voltage of the CPU, the latency of the memory and the clock speed for all processor cores from the Ryzen family. In addition, you will be able to monitor various things for the CPU, for example, the temperature of the processor cores.

The AMD Ryzen Master shows an interface from where you can control everything about the CPU. There are slider controls for all the cores of the CPU using which you can change the clock frequency of the cores. There is also an option to disable a number of cores if you want – this option can be used to reduce the thermal output of the CPU and make it a little bit cooler.

AMD Ryzen Master

There are also some less frequently used options like controlling the voltage levels of many different types – CPU voltage, memory voltage and more. There are options to control the memory clock frequency and memory latency. You can save your overclocking preferences into four different slots so that you can quickly apply them at any later time.

Conclusion: AMD Ryzen Master is a must have tool for all the people who have a Ryzen based computer system. Using this utility you can not only overclock the processor but can also monitor its performance in real time.

You can download AMD Ryzen Master from