SplitCam : Use One Webcam for Multiple Programs in Windows

Everyone has one webcam built in their Windows computers and it can be used only by one application at one time. This means you can use it only on one of the Skype, Twitch, YouNow or some other online video streaming app. If you want to broadcast your webcam on multiple streaming services then you can either use multiple webcams or you can use the free SplitCam software. As its name suggests, SplitCam can split the video and audio feed coming from your webcam to as many applications as you want. So basically you can use your one webcam for a number of applications.


Apart from splitting the webcam for various applications, you can also use the SplitCam to apply a number of effects like like 3D face masks, picture frames, avatars, objects, etc. You can also add text over the video frame or the current date and time over the video. Moreover there are filters that can change the video stream and make it look better. For example, there is a filter that can automatically correct the light and contrast of the video to make it comfortable on the eyes.


If you do not want to broadcast your webcam over the various online streaming services, then SplitCam allows you to use a number of other sources like a video file, pictures, or the desktop activity of your Windows PC. This makes it an ideal software to be used if you are trying to show others what you are doing on your PC. In the audio properties of the SplitCam, you can choose a number of audio sources like the audio files, microphone, or the stereo mix device. This way you can change the audio of your webcam to anything you want.

You can download the free SplitCam software from http://splitcamera.com/.