Ashampoo AutoCleanUp for Android : Cleans Smartphone Regularly

All devices when used for a couple of days start to accumulate some files that are not really needed and just take up the valuable space on the device. Android smartphones are no different – the apps often create a large cache and leave behind unneeded files when uninstalled. You can remove these files manually yourself from the Android system settings or you can use a cleaning tool like Clean Master. But if you want your Android device to be cleaned automatically on its own, then you can use the free Ashampoo AutoCleanUp app.

Ashampoo AutoCleanUp app can clean a number of things from your Android device, for example, it can clean the cache of various apps to free up the storage space, it can stop background apps to free up the RAM and it can also avoid cleaning the cache or the apps that are white listed.

The app opens up with a minimal interface and you can tap on the little setup icon to make it automatically work in the background. In the settings, you can activate it and then tap on the restart button to set it to auto-clean the device regularly.

Ashampoo AutoCleanUp

You can configure it to clean the cache after a certain duration of time. By default, it runs the cleanup after every hour, but you can change it to any number of hours or minutes. After the cleanup is finished, you can also set it to display the report which basically tells you how many apps were closed and how much memory was cleaned up.

The AutoCleanUp app does not give you much options as to which of the apps will be closed down, cache of which apps will be cleaned, browsing history of which of the web browsers will be removed and so on. But it does the job very efficiently. If you want much more control over the cleaning process, then Ashampoo offers some other apps like Droid Optimizer.

You can get the Ashampoo AutoCleanUp from