ASTRA32 Gives Details of PC Hardware & Software

ASTRA32 is a small software utility for Windows computers that can display detailed information about your computer’s hardware and the software. It is available both as an installer package and as a portable program. The portable program makes it easy to be run on any Windows PC to quickly find out details of the hardware of that computer. It has shortcuts to quickly jump to important parts like the driver problems so that you can find if there is a hardware part that requires installation or upgrade of device drivers  and sensors so that you can quickly check the temperature of the various parts of the computer.

The interface of the ASTRA32 looks a little bit similar to that of Speccy and provides you easy access to all the details about your PC. You can find all the sections on the left hand side – motherboard, processor, BIOS, memory, PCI devices, storage, USB devices, ISA devices, printers, ports, network, monitors, video, diagnostics and the installed software. You can also see a summary of all the details about your system to have a brief look about the PC.


The diagnostics section can help you find some of the most common problems with your PC. You can view the temperature of your PC at various points – CPU, GPU and the hard drives. If the temperature of any of these are very high then you may consider cleaning the inside of your PC, removing the dust and reapplying fresh thermal paste on the heat sink assembly. The same section also tells you about the health of your hard drive telling you if it might fail in future so that you can backup your data in time or replace the hard drive with a brand new one.

You can also find details about all the software installed in your PC using ASTRA32. It gives details about the operating system (Windows), installed programs and installed hotfixes or updates. You can export the list to an HTML or CSV file so that you can later use it as reference.

Conclusion: ASTRA32 is a small system information utility for Windows PC. It can display details about your system’s hardware and software. It can also help you diagnose various problems that your PC might be having.

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