Enable Vertical Text Direction in Vivaldi Web Browser

Vivaldi web browser is always bringing new features with each and every one of its update. In the latest release of Vivaldi web browser is a new feature that allows you to view text in the vertical direction. This is very useful for the web pages having text in some of the East Asian languages like Japanese or Chinese that are traditionally written from up to down vertical direction. If you have ever bought a Japanese newspaper in Tokyo, then you can see this for yourself how the news is printed with vertical text.

In order to enable the vertical text direction in the Vivaldi web browser, you can follow these steps:

  1. First open the browser settings by pressing the Alt+P hotkey.
  2. On the setting screen, this you can select the Webpages section from the left side.Vertical Text in Vivaldi Browser
  3. From under the Reader View, select the checkbox Allow Vertical Text Direction.
  4. You can optionally also select a direction of text vertical or horizontal.

Now you can visit any website of your choice, it does not even have to be in a language that is traditionally written vertically from up to down direction. When you want to enable the vertical text direction, you can click on the small reader button in the location bar to switch to the reader mode.

Vertical Text in Vivaldi Browser

In the reader mode, you can click on the small cogwheel icon to open the small toolbar from where you can select various text options like vertical text or horizontal text, text font size, font weight, page background and so on. This options bar is shown only if it is enabled in the settings for Vivaldi browser.

The vertical text direction feature is going to be very useful for the people who love to read news stories in Japanese or Chinese languages in their web browser every morning.