Free Virtual Keyboard : Multi-lingual Third-Party Keyboard for Windows

Windows 10 does come with a touch keyboard of its own but it is intended only for touchscreen devices, for example in your tablet computer. If you are using Windows 10 in your notebook or desktop computer that does not have a touchscreen then you will have to launch this touch keyboard manually if you want to use it and it will disappear as soon as you use the physical keyboard.

If you want this type of virtual keyboard to always stay on the screen then you can either use the on-screen keyboard that you can find from the Ease of Access section in the Control Panel, or you can use a third-party virtual keyboard like Free Virtual Keyboard.

Free Virtual Keyboard

The Free Virtual Keyboard is a small virtual keyboard for Windows computers that offers a multi-lingual and touch ready interface. The virtual keyboard is available both as a setup installer package as well as a portable program. IN the portable edition of the program, you can just launch FreeVK.exe program and it will display a small virtual keyboard on your screen. The small keyboard can be dragged anywhere on the screen and you can use your mouse, touchpad or touchscreen to use it.

Free Virtual Keyboard

In the settings for the Free Virtual Keyboard you can change the transparency of this keyboard window, choose to enlarge it and fit it across the screen width, and choose to enable the key repeat feature. If you enable the key repeat, then it will automatically repeat a character if you click on a key and hold it. You can also change the appearance of the keyboard, its style and use an even smaller compact keyboard on your screen. Different styles have different number of keys and keys with some special functions.

You can download Free Virtual Keyboard from