O&O Syspectr : Monitor & Manage PC from Anywhere in the World

If you are running Windows PC at home or office and want to control them remotely from far away then O&O Syspectr could be useful for you. It is a remote administration software for Windows computers and allows you to monitor or control your PC using a web based interface. So basically you can access and control your PC by opening up a web browser and logging in to Syspectr account from anywhere in the world.

You begin by downloading and installing O&O Syspectr in your Windows PC that you want to be monitored. The installation requires you to add your Syspectr account which can be created for free by supplying an email address and setting up a password. The installation does not create any shortcuts or provides any local interface. It just sets up a background service that connects to the O&O Syspectr servers over an encrypted connection.

O&O Syspectr

Once you have installed O&O Syspectr on all of your Windows computers that you want to be monitored remotely, you can open https://app.syspectr.com/en/account/logon in any of the web browsers and sign in using your Syspectr account. You will be able to select all the computers that are being monitored.

For each of the monitored computers, you will have a number of advanced functions like viewing hardware details, viewing and removing installed software, checking Windows security status, checking Windows Updates status, disk usage, run disk defragment or cleanup, monitor drives health, launch PowerShell console or command prompt, monitor and control processes running in your PC, and more. You can even access your PC via a remote desktop feature.

O&O Syspectr

Overall, the O&O Syspectr software offers a very comprehensive set of remote administration tools for your Windows PC. As soon as it finds a problem in your PC, it notifies you through an email message and is ideal for remotely monitoring all of your computers at work.

You can download O&O Syspectr from https://www.syspectr.com/en/.