MultiWall : Set Wallpaper for Multiple PC Monitors

If you want to work on a large project in your Windows PC then you will feel much more comfortable if you have attached one or two extra monitors to your computer. And these days it is pretty easy to connect multiple monitors to your PC as usually there is are one or more extra VGA, DVI or HDMI ports available in your computer. And if your system and monitor both support WiFi display then you can connect the monitor over the WiFi network as well.

When you have multiple monitors connected to your Windows PC, you can either use the same wallpaper on all of these monitors or you can set a different wallpaper on all the different monitors. A free application called MultiWall can be used to set different desktop backgrounds for all of your monitors attached to your PC. Furthermore, you can also use it to set a single wallpaper stretch across all of these monitors.


MultiWall fetches some wallpapers from the internet and allows you to select any of them as the desktop background for the selected monitors. You can choose whether you want to change the wallpaper for one or more of the monitors. You can select the wallpapers and then apply them.

But there is more, MultiWall also offers to apply some filters and effects to the wallpapers before setting the desktop backgrounds. There are multiple filters available like Black and White, Grayscale, Sepia, Darken, Lighten and Invert. In addition, you can rotate the images to a preset angle and you can auto-crop the images before using them as desktop wallpapers. You can also add pan, zoom and bezel effects All these effects and filters are applied temporarily and do not change the real desktop background images saved on your hard drives.

You can download MultiWall from