Clean Space Removes Junk Files from Windows PC

Clean Space can find and remove all the junk files from your Windows computer. It is designed by the same people who are behind PrivacyRoot software such as Wipe. It can go through various different regions of Windows operating system and dozens of third party programs installed in your PC to find the garbage files that they have collected over time. Using Clean Space, you can easily flush many gigabytes of unnecessary files from your PC and recover all the hard drive space that was being claimed by all those junk files. In addition it can also improve your privacy as it removes all the web browsing history for various web browsers and other tracks left behind by your everyday PC use.

You can run Clean Space either in normal mode or with administrator level access. Needless to say that it will be able to find more junk files in the administrator mode. After you pick a mode, it will start scanning your system for various files that can be classified as junk files. You are displayed the total number of bytes it has discovered that can be called “electronic garbage”.

Clean Space

You can now click on the Delete button and get rid of all the discovered garbage files. But before you remove them, you can click on the Details button and have a look at all the details of the detected junk files. On the left is displayed a list of various regions of Windows operating system and third party programs that you can select and see how many junk files files have been detected for each of them. You can select or unselect these various types of junk files to remove or keep.

Clean Space

If you want to securely erase the junk files, Clean Space provides an option to download the Sdelete program that is used by it to overwrite the files. You can also choose to keep the cookies of various websites in all the web browsers installed in your PC.

Conclusion: Clean Space can be used to quickly get rid of all the junk files on your system. It can find the garbage files collected inside the Windows operating system and also hundreds of other applications. In addition, it also protects your privacy by cleaning all your tracks like browsing history, file opening history and more.

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  1. It’s the first time i try this program, so I don’t know yet what will be the difference. But I’m surprise that many stuff windows can keep track of. I was told that my PC was slow by a reliable person. Windows 10 is for me a very regretful act I’ve committed. I was about to give up about all technical engine. Close my windows account and go free as an outcast. I will see now. I reflect a lot about that.

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