Notezilla : Sticky Notes for Windows Desktop

Notezilla is a sticky notes program for Windows desktop that mimics the physical square sized paper/sticker notes that you can stick anywhere for a myriad of reasons. You can use them as reminders or labels. But with Notezilla, you don’t have to use the physical sticky notes – instead you can create small rectangular notes right inside your Windows desktop. You can choose all the different styles possible for these notes like the background color, font text, font weight, add pictures, add media, links and more. You can create as many sticky notes and change them as many times as possible.

Unlike some other similar applications, the Notezilla sticky notes offer synchronization features so that you can access the  sticky notes created on one computer from another computer. You can even access the notes from the mobile devices like Android smartphones, iPad or iPhone. You can even send the notes to any of your acquaintances located anywhere in the world.

Notezilla sticky notes

After the installation in your Windows PC, Notezilla icon stays in the notification area. You can right-click on this icon to find all the useful options. From here you can create new notes,  browse all the notes by various parameters, search through all of your notes, and choose to sync them with your Notezilla cloud account that you can create from right within the synchronization options.

Notezilla sticky notes

If you are not happy with the way the sticky notes appear in your Windows desktop, then you can change the appearance preferences. You can change the background color, the note font, the title font, size of the sticky note, the transparency of the note and more.

Notezilla sticky notes

Notezilla sticky notes can be attached to webpages, documents and folders etc. This way you would automatically see the proper sticky note when you access that website or open that document or folder.

You can download Notezilla from