PDF Link Editor : Remove, Replace or Edit Links in PDF Documents

Many of the PDF documents contain URLs that may become obsolete with time and you may want to remove or replace them with working or correct links. For example, I have some of the DVDs that came with PC World magazine from 10-15 years ago and they contain scanned PDF versions of the magazine itself containing links to sites that no longer exist today. If you want to remove such obsolete links or replace them with other ones, then usually you have to edit them one by one in the official Adobe Acrobat software.

But if you want to batch edit the links in a PDF document, then you can save time and money by using the free PDF Link Editor software. This program allows you to quickly and easily edit, replace, remove and extract PDF links in the batch mode – all while presenting with a basic minimalist user interface.

In the PDF Link Editor window, you have to open one or more PDF files so that you can edit the links inside them. Once the PDF file is opened, it will list all the links inside the PDF document along with the page number on which the link exists. You can select the links from the list and choose to edit them as you please. You can clear the links, extract the list of all the links, or replace them using the buttons in the toolbar.

PDF Link Editor

As you work with the links in the open PDF files, you can see the preview of the PDF document in the right-side pane of the PDF Link Editor window. This makes it much more convenient for you to see how the PDF is going to look like after editing the links and where exactly on a page are these links embedded.

Conclusion: PDF Link Editor is a free and time saving tool if you want to strip all the links from a PDF document or replace them with new links. It is compatible with all PDF documents and has very easy to use interface.

You can download PDF Link Editor from http://www.pdflinkeditor.com/.