Microsoft Mimicker Alarm for Android Smartphones

When I was in school, my mom used to shake my bed and pull my bed sheets to wake me up on time. There is not a single alarm clock as good as my mom, but Microsoft’s Mimicker Alarm app for Android cuts it very close. This alarm app keeps sounding louder and louder until you perform some sort of action like snapping a specific object using the camera, taking a selfie with a particular facial expression, or speak something. Of course, you cannot do any of these without getting out of the bed first. The app does have a snooze option, but the alarm duration can be set to be very long – in other words, it will keep ringing until you will be wide awake.

Microsoft Mimicker Alarm

You begin by adding an alarm in the Mimicker Alarm app. You can add as many alarms as you want. For each of the alarms, you can add a time of the day, choose the days of the week, pick an alarm name, choose the mimic types, an alarm ringtone and whether the phone should vibrate during the alarm. The mimics (actions) available are color capture, express yourself and tongue twister.

Microsoft Mimicker Alarm

Color capture action asks you to use the phone camera and snap any object of a specific color. Express yourself action asks you to make a particular facial expression (frown, angry, smile, laugh etc.) and take a selfie. The tongue twister action makes you speak a hard to speak phrase or word. When the alarm rings, you are given the options to hit the snooze button and quiet the alarm for a while or to carry out the mimics and end the alarm.

Microsoft Mimicker Alarm

In the settings for the app you, can choose to display alarm notifications in the Android status bar, set the ringtone volume, decide whether the volume should keep increasing, choose alarm duration or snooze duration and improve alarm reliability.

You can download Microsoft Mimicker Alarm from

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