Securely Erase Files in Windows with Secure File Deleter

My friend who is an accountant works with the personal documents of many of her clients when she prepares their tax returns. Some of these documents are stored in form of files in her computers and can contain information such as social security number, home address, phone numbers and driver license etc. After finishing up the tax files, she uses a paper shredder to properly dispose of the paper documents, but the files on the computer are just deleted using the Windows Explorer.

Working with sensitive files requires that you use a file shredder in your computer just as you would use a paper shredder for the paper documents. Using a free file shredder like Secure File Deleter ensures that nobody can recover the deleted files using file recovery tools like Recuva. This tool can overwrite your files before deleting them so that even if someone succeeds in recovering them, they will only get some random garbage files and not the sensitive data in the original files.

Secure File Deleter

The Secure File Deleter offers an easy-to-use interface and in order to shred the files, all you have to do is drag-n-drop your files on the Secure File Deleter window. You can also manually choose the folders or files that you want to shred. As soon as the selection is made, the files are shredded automatically.

Secure File Deleter

In the settings for the Secure File Deleter, you can choose to create a shortcut to the program on the Windows desktop so that you can quickly launch it when needed. You can also choose the option to hide the welcome screen that is displayed when this program is launched. There are also settings to choose the overwrite methods for securely erasing the files like generating random characters, emptying the files before deleting them, rename the files/folders before deletion and change the file timestamps.

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