TapeCall Pro : Record Phone Calls in Android

Has it happened to you that someone told you instructions, directions, phone numbers, business addresses or something other important over a phone call and you forgot to write it down? And sometimes even when we quickly write this type of information down, we write it in a hurry and cannot read it all when we really need it. This is why apps that can record your phone conversations come handy. Using apps like TapeCall Pro you can record your phone calls and later listen to them as many times as you want.

The TapeCall Pro app can be installed in your Android smartphone and it will be launched automatically whenever you make a phone call. The app asks you to turn on the speaker-phone mode so that it can record your phone conversation from the both ends (your voice as well as the voice of person you are talking to).

TapeCall Pro for Android

The phone conversations that you have recorded appear in a list in the TapeCall Pro app. You can tap on any of the recordings in order to listen to them. You can tap on the options icon for any of these recordings to play, delete or upload them to the cloud server.

You can also view the call recordings categorized by whether you received those calls or whether you made those calls yourself. You can also view the calls stored on your local phone storage or the phone calls stored on the cloud storage. You will have to configure the cloud storage before you can start uploading the call recordings on the cloud server.

TapeCall Pro for Android

At the moment, this app only supports the Google Drive cloud storage and can record calls only on the low quality 3GP format. But since 3GP sound files are smaller compared to other formats like MP3, you can store more call recordings even on phones having limited storage space.

You can get the TapeCall Pro app for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.united.stateusarecord.