AIO Runtime Libraries Installs All Microsoft Runtime Components in Windows

When you download new software in Windows, it sometimes needs a few library files provided by Microsoft before it can be launched properly. These library files (DLL files) are a part of Microsoft’s development tools like Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft J# or Microsoft F#. You have to download and install the runtime libraries for various versions and architectures of Microsoft development tools. For example, there are separate downloads for Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 32-bit and Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 64-bit. All of these runtime libraries packages available today will take a long time to download and install, if you do everything manually.

But now a few people have put together a tool called “AIO Runtime Libraries” that can automatically install all of these runtime libraies in your Windows PC. AIO Runtime Libraries comes with all the runtime libraries for both the 32-bit and 64-bit architectures and includes libraries for Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft F#, Microsoft J# and the XML parser libraries. The package is updated from time to time so that it always contains the latest and updated version of runtime libraries.

AIO Runtime Libraries

During the installation, you can choose a “simple install” using which you can install all the libraries without having to figure out which of the libraries you want to install. But you can also choose all the individual libraries to be installed if you want. You can choose to remove the already installed runtime libraries before it installs the new versions of the runtime libraries.

The tool also comes with a menu from where you can search for the individual DLL files and extract them. This feature is useful if a program is failing to run only because of a missing DLL file. You can search and extract that file and make such a program run easily.

AIO Runtime Libraries

Conclusion: AIO Runtime Libraries is a complete package containing all kinds of Microsoft runtime libraries. It can both remove and install runtime libraries in Windows. You can also use it to extract missing DLL files and make programs work.

You can download AIO Runtime Libraries  package from